Customized Websites for Your Business - Altoona, PA

Building a web site that is technically sound, simple to use, and highly visible in search results should be a straightforward process. At Writer Jack Creations, we treat our clients' web ventures the same way we would treat our own - we want to help you spend the least amount of money with the largest possible returns. We find that the best way to make our customers happy is to make their life as easy as possible, at a price that makes sense.

Generally, creating a web site involves three steps:


  1. Strategy - We develop a sense of your needs by listening to your goals, answering your questions, and looking into competitors' web sites. This sets us off on the right foot, and helps you get exactly the website your after.
  2. Design - We lay out your website in a sensible, easily understood way to make sure that your audience gets what they are after and search engines understand the site.
  3. Creation - This is the technical part, where we set up the actual website and put it all together for the world to see.


Start to finish, we can usually make a website happen in 1-2 weeks, depending on the customers needs. Through the process, we save you money by avoiding unnecessary add-ons and fluff. Our prices are the fairest in the area.

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